LIDO Vodka

    Special, high-quality vodka. It is made from rectified grain alcohol “lux”, and special spring water. softened by special technology with the addition of Anis giving the drink an exquisite taste!


    Ingredients: corrected drinking water, ethyl alcohol rectified from Lux food raw materials, sugar syrup, food additive, natural fragrance, rose petals modifier.


    An excellent alcoholic beverage, which contains rectified Lux alcohol, produced from selected wheat grains and corrected unique technology and water using real-life alcohol honey and rye, undergoes "silver and polishing" filtration which gives a unique taste and aroma!

    Vodka MR.

    Vodka "Mr." the highest quality is available in limited quantities. In addition, manual work-blending, bottling, design, natural environmentally friendly raw materials, living water-blending of water, water structuring, Silicon Force filtration technology - standing.


    The taste of the drink is amazingly soft and clean. An excellent alcoholic beverage, which includes rectified alcohol "Lux", made from selected wheat grains and corrected using a unique water technology using honey and rye infusion, undergoes "silver and polishing" filtration. It has a unique taste and aroma!

    Vodka XLEBNAYA

    Thanks to clean water and high-quality alcohol, the Khlebnaya Strana vodka is perfectly and easily drunk both in pure form and as part of cocktails, and multi-stage filtration of vodka nullifies the hangover syndrome.

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