Established 2007.

About Us

How we Started

Merit Brand LLC was founded in 2007 in the town of Shabran, in Uzun Boyat village, which located at the foot of great caucasus muntains and the coast of the Caspian Sea. The location of the enterprise was chosen not accidentally - nature has given this region a feritile climate and soils.


400 meter high above sea level, mostily chalksoils, more than 2000 hours of sunlight and less than 300mm of the precipitation a year create ideal conditions for growing grapes.


To date our vineyards with a total of more than 15- hectars, varieties of rapes are grown, which gives us an excellent opportunity to produce wines for various varities.

Our Products

Yes, we do excellent alcohol.

The company Merit Brand LTD is engaged in the production of red, white, dry, semi-sweet, sweet wines, vodka, whiskey and cognac. Today, the range of products covers both the local market and the international one. The company exports wines to the Russian Federation and China.



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    Ziya Bunyadov ave., 43M
    Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1108

    Uzun Boyat village
    Shabran, Azerbaijan AZ1700

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    +994 51 391-3434
    +994 12 561-9661
    Email : office@merit-brand.com